Silica pearls - what can I use them for?

Have bought 6 kilos of a kitty-litter which boasts it is made of silica pearls. It looks like and reacts like the stuff in those little bags you find in packages that says "Do not eat". What evil deeds can I use this for?

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S1L3N7 SWAT8 years ago
There is no nefarious deeds that can be done with desiccants. Unless you consider absorbing moisture to be evil.
omnibot (author)  S1L3N7 SWAT8 years ago
Aah, and here was me hoping for a bomb-recepie. Absorbing moisture you say? Soo, if I had enough I could threaten the world to absorb ALL the drinkingwater in the world unless they pay me a MILLION EUROS! Moah ah ha ha!
Well, not quite. They absorb moisture in the air, not liquid water. You can actually dry them out by heating them up so they can absorb more moisture because they can only hold so much. Once they're dry they begin to absorb moisture immediately.
Evilblaze8 years ago
6 kilos? That should cost much. I use silica pearls in my desiccator to dry out things. If you are interested in chemistry, than you can use them easy, if not, than I don't have so much idea. Dry out everything in the house:-D
omnibot (author)  Evilblaze8 years ago
Nah, it was pretty inexpensive compared to other litters.