Simple electronics question.?

Hi =) 
I needed to use a rc car remote and receiver to power some relays on and off. The car is using rack and pinion steering so it  has four wires;
Steering Motor Wire A
Steering Motor Wire B
Propulsion Motor wire A
Propulsion Motor wire B
 SO when i press the joy stick forward, PWA_A becomes positive and PWA_B becomes negative, driving the motor in the forward direction. Same for the steering motor when i press the other joystick
Could any one give me a way to connect so that when i press the joystick in the forward direction, relay one energizes and when i press it in the other direction, the other relay energizes so i can control 2 relays  per joystick, ie 4 relays in total.


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rickharris6 years ago
You need - I think 2 H bridges made from 4 relays as in the diagram below.

qwerty156 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
This is what i am trying to do, i have 2 H bridges like that made from 4 relays and i want to control those 4 relays from the out puts of the car.
What do you get when you measure the voltage on the wires??
qwerty156 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
11 volts. I am using 6 volt relays
Ok then 11 volts should be more than enough have you tried to operate the relays with it. Bear in mind it may not have a great deal of current carrying ability depending on the source.

If you already have the H bridge etc I am not sure I understand your question where is your problem.
qwerty156 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
How do i connect these 4 wires:
Steering Motor Wire A
Steering Motor Wire B
Propulsion Motor wire A
Propulsion Motor wire B

To the 4 relays
As best as I can say without experimenting or seeing what you actually have try this. 11 volts at the output of the Receiver seems unlikely unless it has a 12 volt supply. Are you measuring this to ground (negative of the battery) Is this voltage simply switched on and off when you select forward / Back?

If not then the signal is proportional to joy stick movement and will need some electronics to convert to on/off.

qwerty156 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
Dont worry i got it :)
Thank you for your effort
qwerty156 (author) 6 years ago
I want 4 relays controlled in total not 2.
Also btw, relays are non polarised, they will work regardless of polarity. i was thinking of something like this

Steering A -----------|>|---------Relay_1 coil
GND--------------------------------Relay_1 coil
Steering B -----------|>|---------Relay_2 coil
GND--------------------------------Relay_2 coil

And so on but it did not work