Simple way to send large files over the net ? (390mb)?

I have tried so many different solutions, however all of them require payment, or have file size limits, or take WAY to long to upload because the server decides to throttle my upload speed to the point of Bytes/s. So if anyone has a solution please post. BTW I'm running Linux and the recipient is running winblows.

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msw1008 years ago
Sign up for free web space, upload your files and create a link to them and you can download them from anywhere you like or send the link to a friend and they can download them
The brute force method is to use an archive program to compress it and split the archive into multiple parts. You could email those (a few megs at a time), which would be kind of tedious. However, it's also useful with other transfer methods. If a file is split into multiple parts, then you aren't forced to retransmit everything if a single transfer is interrupted at 98% complete. Plus, it provides confidence that the file has not been corrupted, because the archive has checksums. It'll take less time to create an archive if you tell the program to "store" and not compress media like mp3 or avi that are already highly compressed.

This looks like a good option: I haven't tried it, but it looks easy:
lemonie8 years ago
What are you sending that's so big - movies? L
Compress the data into either a 7Z file or a RAR file. there is a download for a converter for 7Z here at and the RAR converter here at

Hey, maybe even a Zipped folder will work.
thinkdunson8 years ago
you can get 2gigs free forever. if you decide you are willing to pay for it, there are others with better features… but for free, this is the best one, in my opinion.
also I recall - not sure if it can handle 390 megs. There is a plugin usable with gmail to use gmail as online storage for files.
Without a tracker - I've never had a torrent actually work - creating it with uTorrent and sending the file to a friend on the same ISP with properly configured routers at each end.
Torrents, Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, run a ftp server, not sure if gmail can.