Trying to make a special autorun file.

I want to put sketchup on a flash drive along with other files, then I want to have autorun give me start sketchup as an option.  I do have a lot of batch programming and a little autorun experience.  I already tried here; - but it won't work.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, HELP! 

Vyger6 years ago
There is a thing called U3. It is an autorun system for pen drives. Originally the drives had to have a specific hardware configuration to run it. SanDisk pen drives have it, or at least that is where I learned about it. They are recognized by windows as CD drives which are then autorun. I just did a Google search and found several applications that are versions of U3 systems but are free. The first ones only came on the drives.

Anyway, I don't know if its what your looking for but you can check it out.
Vyger Vyger6 years ago
I did a little bit of further reading on this and apparently SanDisk Cruzer drives have a special hardware chip added that acts as a CD drive which is why they can do what they do.

They have a U3 partition on U3-enabled flash drives. There is a special utility that writes instructions to the flash partition.

I am surprised it hasn't become more popular or been vacuumed up by Microsoft.