Skills infusion alternate sketch?

I couldn't get the sketch in the Skills Infusion lesson to compile (see previous questions which I didn't word too clearly) so I used an alternate sketch found in Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_NeoPixel\examples\strandtest. The strandtest.pde sketch compiled both as a .pde file and a .ino file. I didn't have a NeoPixel ribbon so I used individual NeoPixel LED's instead. The only thing not in the strandtest sketch was the W part of the RGBW.

Picture of Skills infusion alternate sketch?
bekathwia9 months ago

It sounds like you have an old version of the NeoPixel library, before RGBW LEDs were supported. Update your library! =D

bekathwia9 months ago

Additionally, those individual NeoPixels aren't RGBW, they are RGB. That wouldn't affect the code compilation, but the W commands won't do anything on those pixels since they lack the white LED. So maybe you don't need to update your library after all (though it won't hurt)...

MalcolmO5 (author)  bekathwia8 months ago

Thanks, Becky. I updated the library and everything worked. I have some actual RGBW NeoPixels coming from Adafruit.