Slowing a noisy handheld fan?

I am trying to slow a battery-powered (two AA batteries) handheld fan. It's obnoxiously loud for my project, but slowing it to about half speed will help cut the noise. I think running a resistor somewhere in the circuit will do it (planning to lengthen the wires anyway, so physically adding in isn't the issue,) but frankly there's a reason I'm in art instead of engineering. I've looked at the online calculators, but they want the amperage of the motor, which I don't know.

What kind of resistor do I need?  Or is there another way to slow or quiet it down?

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rickharris4 years ago
Replace one battery with the same size wooden dowel covered in aluminium foil this will make the fan run at half speed.
And 1/4 the power.
May not be an issue with a fan - but your right.
jblanc (author)  rickharris4 years ago
This is right in my competence zone, and I even had a dowel that fit. Slowed it down to a manageable level. Thanks!
keep cool! :-) Sometimes the simple solution works.
gadget-man4 years ago
I would try a potentiometer that way you could have variable speed control.
FYI, that's not a good method to use with a motor
iceng4 years ago
Put a 1N4001 in series in place of the intended Resistor.
This will work much better and drop only about 0.7Volts
iceng iceng4 years ago
or a 1N4002 or a 1N400x up to !n4006