Small BMX bike. Recycle by building somthing cool with the parts.?

I've got a Mongoose brand BMX bike that I no longer ride. But instead of selling it, I'd rather take it apart and build somthing with it. I can't weld, I've only got one bike to hack up, and I'd like to buy as little materials as possible.

seandogue8 years ago
I might be inclined to build a trailer from the bike, but without welding skills, your assembly options are limited.

By "I can't weld", I assume that you mean you have never welded? If so, it might be a good opportunity to learn...

Brazing is a relatively inexpensive option as opposed to MIG or Oxy-Acetyline welding. A MAP torch can be purchased for around $70
(see: )

best of luck
rickharris8 years ago if your serious about making something with it - You already have most of the parts to makes this in the bike.