Small RC Car drive system help?

I have been looking online all day and i haven't found anything.  I am looking to turn a iPod touch case into a small rc car using a canabalized rc toy that I got from a friend.  I am using it for mainly its transmitter/receiver and motor controller.  All would be well and good but one gear in on of the gearboxes is shot.  I have many other hobby motors and two that are the same that I want to use instead but I don't know if I can without putting a gear box on them first or if I can, like I want, attach the axle right to the motor spindle with a jery rigged shaft collar.  Just for reference I DO know about building things like this I am on my schools robotics team which I founded but in vex not only are the hookups male instead of female the motors are like servos and they have built in gearboxes (they come as a module).  Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated and if I could get help asap I would love it. Thanks in advance.

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jbaker225 years ago
You can use a soldering iron to melt an airsoft bb, then file it down to fix the gear. Because this seams impractical, I can recommend how to earn money to ebay easily so you can buy a Team Losi micro-t.
ahleagle (author)  jbaker225 years ago
I have a job so i could buy one but I want to make one. I'm not looking to fix the gearbox do you know if it is ok to just use the motor spindle and attatch it to a wheel.

PS yes I know it will be very fast.
Depending on the size of the wheel you may have to concern about overheating the motor or burning the motor out. making a steering system sounds challenging unless you cut that entire steering part off the rc. (I hope you are building an instructible about this so I can see pictures of it)
ahleagle (author)  jbaker225 years ago
i havent been taking pictures but i guess i can start lol how easy is it to burn our motors (like the dc ones you get at radioshack)? and what is the best way to attatch wheels to the axle keeping in mind that i only have basic power tools (like not a laythe) what can i make to attatch a wheel to an axle.
Try attaching tiny lego tires. Monitor the motor's heat I every minute of run time.
ahleagle (author)  jbaker225 years ago
thanks for your help I finished the thing and the wheels are the ones that were originally on it but they spun too fast to get traction but I think I'm getting a 6 chanell RC radio and a saber-tooth motor controller soon so I'll just make a different one with that. I'm thinking of buying two drills and using those motors to make the drive system on a ride-able RC car/tank
iceng jbaker225 years ago
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