Smoke your daily dose of Caffeine?

These electronic cigarettes ( are becoming quite a rage and I just wondered, when (if possible) will they make them for caffeine and not nicoteine?

I don't smoke now but would definetley consider smoking a caffeine cigarette.

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jeff-o7 years ago
You should check out some of the other caffeine-delivery methods available, like caffeinated candy and caffeinated soap.

I've never heard of an electronic caffeine cigarette, but it's a fantastic idea...
Koosie (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
Oooh, energy soap!
jeff-o Koosie7 years ago
Yes, indeed!

There's also body wash!

And lip balm!

And breath spray!

Hmmm, and beef jerky.  That's a strange one.
ankable4 years ago
I'd like to choose a way that's totally no harmfulness. E Cigarette with Nicotine-free eliquid. Joyetech, Anyvape or sth like that. my reference
Oh you will love this. i generally never put in some one else's web site but this web site is my other addiction and Completely applies here

this is a caffeine inhaler
guillotine5 years ago
lemonie7 years ago
Caffeine sublimes at 178oC, it could be done, but don't you like coffee / tea?


Koosie (author)  lemonie7 years ago
No, I don't drink tea and refuse to drink coffee. I'm just different that way.  I only consume it through Play energy drink and Coca Cola.  Lots of it!
lemonie Koosie7 years ago
It's got a nasty bitter taste, but you've heard of Pro-Plus?
I wouldn't recommend "crack-caffiene" though.


Koosie (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Yes, but what about e-crack!?  :->

Pro-Plus, thanks, I'm gonna look for the local equivalent.
lemonie Koosie7 years ago
Caffiene-pills, for "tiredness" etc, I'm sure you'll find 'em next to the paracetomol. But to re-iterate: I would not recommend putting them in a pipe and smoking then, I think it would be a bad idea.

I once tricked a guy into smoking green Gyokuro tea leaves by telling him it was, um... a different green smoking herb. The idea was to watch him get, uh, "relaxed" purely from the power of suggestion, and see what silly things he'd give himself permission to do.
The downside was that in order to get him to smoke it, I had to smoke it with him. It tasted like arse. No, wait... smouldering gym socks and arse.
Anyway, the point is, I actually got a pretty pleasant caffeine buzz, and if the flavor hadn't been so nasty it would have been a great idea for a quick and portable pick-me-up. Electronic cigs with caffeine sounds like just the ticket.
Koosie (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
Oh joy, now I have a wonderful picture to haunt for a week.  i don't even want to know how you know what arse tastes like ;->

While I'm always looking for new ways to caffeinate myself, I think I'll skip this one!
Yes, do skip it. Although the tea is quite lovely when consumed in the more traditional manner....
Actually, this is an interesting idea for someone like me who smokes a cigarette with my morning coffee - having both rolled into one would make oversleeping less of a problem if I could cram both vices in half the time before work.

The electronic cigarettes (from what I gather) use water vapor.  Caffeine is readily soluble in water, so I would take coffee or tea (for flavor) and dissolve enough caffeine tablets to equal about a dose per tablespoon.  Use filter paper to remove the insoluble binders in the pills, then soak blank cigarette filters in the solution and let them dry.
Koosie (author)  MahavishnuMan7 years ago

This is interesting, the future really does hold awesomeness.  Just imagine what's next, e-zol, e-crack, e-meth ....

Eh from somebody playing a joke with the contents of a few teabags it's a pretty violent way to ingest caffiene, though for tiny amounts, like a fraction of what's in a teabag it'd maybe be a nice pick me up.

The other guy was really quite ill because he was sure it was a good idea... 

To experiment it'd only take a vaporiser - same function as the E-cigarette but made for smoking other things and something containing caffiene.  
Koosie (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
Hhhmmmm, this gives me an idea, combining your and MahavishnuMan's idea.

YES! Ultimate caffeination!

I'm thinking I should patent this.