Snow in a box?

I'm trying to figure out a way to make snow in a box. I want the person opening the box to be surprised at fake snow shooting into the air after opening it. Any help is appreciated.Sn

orksecurity7 years ago
One standard stand-in for snow is dried potato flakes. Come up with some way to blow those, and it will _look_ like snow. Won't be cold, though, and is a pain to clean up.

You could try coming up with a mechanism which shaves a block of ice. That will be cold but won't look like snow.

Producing real(er) snow: I can't think of any way to do so safely in a small box.
frollard7 years ago
Step one

cut a hole in the box.

Step Two...

put yo' snow in that boooox.

Step Three.

ya give-em the box.

I know it's not helpful, but I had no choice.
tottaly what I was thinking!
aeray7 years ago
Something like this? Also search this site for "confetti cannon".