Solar Cell Light Absorption.

What wavelengths of light get absorbed into a standard monocrystalline solar panel? (I.e. infrared, red, blue ultraviolet)  I think it is ultraviolet but I can’t clarify this online.

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kelseymh7 years ago
charlieb0004 years ago
The most efficent solar panels use GaAs. the same material in IR leds, so that is my choice. Wikipedia suggests that single colour light is more efficient than the whole spectrum and never said any colour specifically. the quantum dots technique is used in LEDs is like phosphor to create white and other LEDs. in solar panels it would serve to change the UVA, violet and blue to lower frequencies (this is an assumption). Glass does not pass UVB. A solar panel based on Pixel Qi's coloured backlight may be more efficient.
physics_dude (author) 7 years ago
Ok, but witch wavelength is most efficient?
jeff-o7 years ago
Solar cells are manufactured to be optimized for wavelengths that can reach Earth's atmosphere.  So, everything from UV to IR.  But, they can be made outside that range.

Here's the wikipedia entry.
Yes, I've got a couple of space-grade Gallium Arsenide cells somewhere which have an amazing spectral range.
Nice!  If you ever send a balloon into near-space, you could put them to good use.  ;)