Solar Cell/Panel Wiring?

Here I have 2 questions inside a question. 1. How to connect 2 or more solar cells/panels; series, parallel or some other, third way so....for example if I have 3 solar cells that give 5 Volts each, I connect them in some way and in the end have 15 Volt coming out... My question is hot to connect the solar panels to the the output described??? 2. Now that I have, for example 15 Volts coming out from these 3 small panels, I need to store that electric energy somewhere...So would a diode just to ,point, the electricity and a ultra capacitor to store it ,or does it have to be a circuit that involves rechargeable batteries and a special recharger circuit.

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to get 15 v from 3 panels you will have to wire them up in series so black to red etc. now to store the charge the easiest way is to grab some 1.2 volt rechargeables and use a battery holder to hold them with the wires. What do you want to do with the power? Because that can make the difference. For example if you just wanted to charge the batteries I would suggest setting up 4 solar panels in parallel black to black red to red. Then add four batteries in a holder in the parallel. This means the current of the solar panels is increased thus charging the batteries faster (i dont know what ur panels are rated at.) If they produce 500mA say they will charge 4 2000mA batteries in four hours. Ask me if you need anymore help.
comodore (author)  explosivetron8 years ago
Well, I was thinking of wiring 5 solar panels, small ones, together and they would charge batteries and besides that, the box where they are mounted, I want it to have a female USB connector so you can charge your mp3 or camera... Do you know a store that sells these small solar cells, for example 5cm X 5 cm....??? Thanks!
just go to your local cheap shop and hack some solar panels from a solar light. For USB u need 5v but u want to watch ur current doesnt go to high to fry your device
Hello!! If you hack a shed lighting kit will it have diodes built in?? I've got 4 that don't get used. So was wondering if I could join both the panels and the battery packs together to power external security lights LEDs on a PIR. or could they power anything else?? Also Do you have any book recommendations for small off grid projects?? Many thanks ;))
comodore (author)  explosivetron8 years ago
Yea, I know but the general idea is to have 5 panels and to make like a multiple use device, besides charging your mp3 via USB and charging you batteries....
1. series if you want to get fifteen volts 2. ya, you'll definitely need the diode 3. you'll need to set up a trickle charge system... it should be too difficult
comodore (author)  The_Vinninator8 years ago
You sayed "it should be too difficult" why should it be difficult??? I want to tell you more about what I want to make and if you could help me realize it.... :D I will send you a PM, more details and plans, when I grab the time Thanks!
typo I meant shouldn't ok, sounds good