Solar Charger?

Hi everyone!

i want to build solar powered charger... i already build ups system using old computer system ups...
configuration : 650va ups with 12v 35ah  battery. The battery is deep cycle one and should be charged in 8 hrs of good sun light....

so how many solar cells i need to buy and describe the calculation? Best online shop to buy a cheap and best cells ?

Thanks in advance...

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8 hours, to deliver shall we say 40ah, thats 5a/hour x 8. So you need a panel that can deliver 5A@14V. You're lucky to have the sun as a resource !

Here are a couple of options.

Buy this panel new for about $80.

Or get the same panel used off ebay for $17

It's rated for 10W 12V@5A but the output will vary from 10V to 17V.
arshanmugam (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks you.. i want to build my own solar panel... so if you know any seller to buy 6x6 ploy solar cells at cheap price tell me....
arshanmugam (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks for the reply...