Solar Lighting Needed for Highway Sign

We live in the country, and it would cost thousands for the electric company to bring power to light our highway sign.  The sign is two 8'x8' signs shaped in a "V" so both directions of traffic can see the sign.  I have tried garden solar lights, but they are not bright enough on the ground shining up.  I've tried connecting garden/walkway solar lights to the top of the sign (4 of them on each sign), but they are rather weak, and the battery is not big enough.  Can anyone come up with larger LED lights and perhaps how to daisy chain the smaller batteries together.  Actually I've thought of just getting a larger battery, controller, etc.  But I would still need help designing/finding LED lights that would work.

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JoeSolar6 years ago
Another option to consider would be employing the services of the Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO)--an off grid solar power and lighting inustry pioneer and leader for over 2 decades. I would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for a commericial quality solar power sign lighting system. My e-mail address is phone number: 772-220-6615.

Hope to hear from you.

Joe O'Grady
Solar Lighting Specialist
iceng6 years ago
EL lights do not use near the power an LED signage light.
I believe that solar powered EL will use a smaller..........
Oh who cares LEDs are the emotional choice %#@

Last Try,
Think of the wiring involved if you use LEDs if not the power drain as compared
to nearly waterproof continuous EL rope wire.

rickharris6 years ago
You might be better drilling 5 mm holes in the sign outlining the important bits and pushing LEDs through the holes. these can then be solar powered.

As a side issue an engraved acrylic panel will show up if illuminated ate the edge by LEDs.
Kiteman6 years ago
You could try outlining the sign in reflective tape, so that the car headlights light it up for you.
iceng6 years ago
For night viewing, simply lay an Electroluminescent rope wire to outline your signage. EL is very visible and can easily run off of a battery all night
which can be recharged by the sun.  .  .  .  .  .   A
iceng iceng6 years ago
Rechargeable solar cell lights with batteries have a built in low forward drop
blocking diode to facilitate optimal solar cell charging ability as a normal part of
their basic design.

sshuggi iceng6 years ago
It's important to note you're going to want a blocking diode to prevent losing charge during the night through the solar cell.