Solar panel design: Optimal thickness and air-tight or vented?

Is it better to minimize airspace inside a home made solar panel, and should the panel be air-tight, or have ventilation holes? I'm trying 1/4" depth from the cells to the Lexan cover. It will be used in a climate that ranges from +35C in summer to -35C in winter.

frollard8 years ago
You want it to stay as cool and clean as possible cells are more efficient when they dont heat up too much. Most I see are covered and sealed to prevent contamination (water, visual, etc)
When you say 'solar panel', do you mean a solar thermal collector or a photovoltaic module?

(Frollard's advice was referring to the latter.)
AHA - indeed. Good thought - silicon pv cells need to be sealed... thermal collectors should be sealed with a heat-reflective material (glass not plastic)