Solder Crumbles instead of melting into a bubble . PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Im trying to solder but when i attempt to melt the solder it crumbles instead of melting into a bubble!! Is it the solder or my soldering iron ?
Do i need a different type of solder ??
Please help
thanks :)

seandogue6 years ago
Crumbles? Whew. sounds like some seriously oxidized solder. Solder should not crumble. Your soldering iron *may be set too hot.


1) keep your soldering iron tip clean and tinned.
2) solder doesn't have an infinite lifespan, especially for thin (30ga) solder.
3) make sure you're using rosin core solder for electronics. Not all solder is the same.
4) If you can find some, use good old fashioned lead-tin rosin-core solder. While I also use the environmentally friendly versions, I still have several rolls of the "good stuff". It's makes a world of difference.
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