Soldering iron smoking?

Hi Guys,

I just bought a new soldering iron for the first time. When i plugged it into the wall outlet it started smoking (not alot) well that scared the living crap out of me, so I turned it off. So can any of you guys tell me that should I just dump the iron or is it normal. Please guys help (and there was a bit of smoke near the handle too). Oh and another interesting thing is that after 10 seconds of plugging it in it started melting solder ( its a 35 or 30 watt iron )

Thanks in advance.
-Prickly Potato

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verence2 years ago

Depends on, where it is smoking. On any part that is expected to get hot (the tip [of course], the heating element) that is pretty normal, it's just burning off any coating and residues that is in those places - that is pretty normal and should stop in a few minutes. If anything that should stay cool is smoking (handle, cables, the controller station itself, if it has one), well that's a case for warranty.

10 seconds to start melting solder is okay.

Plug it in, let it sit for 10 minutes under close observation (and over a non-burnable surface) and try to tin the tip.

If you still can touch the handle and the only hot part is the tip and around - congratulations, take good care of your new soldering iron.

If you can't touch the handle, the controller gets more than lukewarm or anything still smokes (or burns...) send it back.

iceng2 years ago

Even more important, is to turn-off that iron whenever you leave the room.

I know some one who rigged the iron power outlet to the room lights for insurance purposes.

A new soldring iron can produce some smoke due to the oil film on it that is protecting the metal.
Totally normal thing but it should not give smoke like a fire, after about 10 minutes the smoking should stop.
After that you only get smoke while using flux cored solder.

-max-2 years ago

That is normal (if it is on the tip or shaft). Just a bit of flux residue or oil and grease (maybe from you're fingers) is burning off.

verence2 years ago

Yep, leave it plugged in, but watch it closely.

whoops i deleted my response and you had replyed

i recently got one too and it did the same thing i think it is because it is burning off the impurities just leave it on for a few minutes and it will stop smoking