Solvents and Glues?

I've worked with white schedule 40 PVC on plumbing projects and the occasional gardening project. I've always used the purple solvent and glue you showed above. Recently, I've wanted to use some PVC conduit, the gray kind. Can I use the same solvent for this pipe? My big box store has solvent for the conduit on the shelf near the pipe. Do I really have to use a different solvent/glue product?

audreyobscura7 months ago

The gray pipe is a cousin of PVC called CPVC - Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride plastic. You can use the same primer, but you'll need a different solvent cement for a waterproof bond.

RandyPerson6 months ago

I believe you'll find the conduit is not CPVC, but just PVC, colored gray so we don't cut into it for water and get electrocuted. Gray conduit and white water pipe both use the same solvent cement, and adding a white elbow, say, to gray conduit for a tight bend is not a problem. In fact, if you look at info on irrigation, where risers and such are also gray, you'll see many examples of contrasting color fittings. BTW, the gray conduit is more resistant to UV than white, which makes it a great choice for hoop houses and other exposed uses.