Some hardware wants to install itself on my computer. The "Found New Hardware" balloon pops up.

This hardware is called 'Net'.

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Re-design8 years ago
To maybe find out what it is, Click the start button then settings the right click control panel in the control panel find "system" and double click it click on the tab labeled "hardware" A new window with a list of all the hardware that's on the computer should pop up. Does anything show a yellow exclamation mark? If so then that's probably what windows is trying to install. If nothing is highlighted find the icon of a key in front of a comp. monitor. This will scan for hardware changes. Did it find anything? If not try one more thing under the menu item marked "view" click on "show hidden devices" If nothing was marked with a yellow exc. mark then your hardware is all installed and what was trying to install is some kind of software. Unless you have something called net I would not install it. Run a good virus checker several times and see if it finds something that shouldn't be there. Good luck.
pk_excel (author) 8 years ago
this is a pic of the box. I can't install it. It says that i need a cd or something
Did you find out what it was trying to install? On my monitor I can't read what the message says. I don't know what Net is.
What did you plug in to one of your USB (or other) ports just before this message came up? That message doesn't just pop up on it's own unless it actually detects new hardware (which may be hardware you've had all along, but just plugged in to another port). I seriously doubt it is any type of spyware or virus unless the "Found New Hardware" message is spoofed.
Kryptonite8 years ago
If it's Hardware, it could be a printer, usb, cd, floppy disc, external hard drive, wireless network, ethernet or a great number of many other things, see what's plugged into your computer at the moment.

Either that, or click install, and when the install wizard pops up it may give more details about what it is, but if you don't want it then don't go further than that or it will install.