Someone help me photoshop this picture for my company battery logo

Please make it look really good! Thanks!

Picture of Someone help me photoshop this picture for my company battery logo
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seandogue2 years ago

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BalognaS2 years ago

no need to make them look like your selling from your trunk. i mean at least TRY to make them look a little bit professional. And professionals dont use........whatever that blue stuff is!, as their logo lol

rickharris2 years ago

You appear to be very young so i doubt the honesty of your request,

Kiteman2 years ago

The quality of the existing logo already matches the quality of the offer made...

iceng2 years ago

Rotated the pic for you and got rid of the double image.

That's all I could do. I don't own photo shop.

iceng iceng2 years ago

BTW your pic is only 356x359 dot resolution, way too small for a master Logo...

-max- iceng2 years ago

You can use GIMP, inkscape, paint.NET, or many other free graphics programs available.

bwrussell2 years ago

I don't see a contract or compensation posted anywhere. Why would anyone do work for free for a company?

Also, did you create, from scratch, that blue image on there (since you don't seem to be a graphic designer this seems unlikely) or did you secure the rights to use the image commercially from the original artist (since that would cost money and you're looking for free work here this also seems unlikely)? If not then if you continue to use the image you are vulnerable to a lawsuit that could end your company before it gets off the ground.
Just a bit of fair warning.

See if someone on Fiverr can help

Doesn't your company have a graphics designer on had to do this? If you don't have one then hire one. Let me suggest you figure out what you want done cause "make it look good" doesn't really give people much to go on. IMHO it already looks good so i don't see what changes you want made.

dot724 (author) 2 years ago

Edit the picture to make it look better!

Vyger dot7242 years ago