Someone stole my photos?

On Aug 24 I posted an Instructable on how to make beer ice cream. On Aug 25 a different website made a tutorial on how to make beer ice cream using my photos and instructions without giving me credit. ( I'm extremely upset about this, what should I do?

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Without a lawyer and a clear understanding of the license you posted the instructable under there isn't anything you can do about it. Unless you can put the fear of legal action on therm they are not likely to do anything. Especially if it's a privately owned site. But you can certainly draft a cease and desist letter and see if they honer your request. This is the kind of thing you have to deal with when you put your ideas online.

Thederpyninja (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Alright, thank you for clearing it up for me. I'll contact them and ask them to take the article down. Thanks, mpilchfamily :)

Thederpyninja (author)  Thederpyninja3 years ago

Are they allowed to put their watermark on my photos? Sorry for asking so many questions :/

It's a clear copy right violation but is it worth the time and considerable expense to run that down. In the future you may want to start water marking your photos to help protect your copyrights.

Whatever the author did, it worked - that link is now "404".

Thederpyninja (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

I contacted them and they updated the article and removed their watermarks and gave photo credit to I guess justice was kinda served. Thank you guys for helping me out with my problem :)

iceng3 years ago

i would see if HQ can TURN them off !!!

Kiteman iceng3 years ago

Under the terms of the site, HQ cannot usually do anything about individual incidents, just about sites harvesting huge chunks of the site.