Something to build?

Hey knexers

ANYTHING KNEX  APART FROM CARS But not too many pieces

This includes machines, BM, guns, contraptions

I don't really see the point in knex cars, you just push them along

Only tell me if its like a REALLY cool car

Please spread! Thanks mm8

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i am canadians hand heald heavy cannon i did
MegaMetal8 (author)  knexinventer6 years ago
Good, I actually might?
MegaMetal8 (author)  knexinventer6 years ago

build526 years ago
A tank but it would be hard to build
MegaMetal8 (author)  build526 years ago
Sorunome6 years ago
a SMALL ball machine!! :D
MegaMetal8 (author)  Sorunome6 years ago
Probably will actually
build a m60 i havent seen one out of knex, or a rbg p90 with a removable mag, or a folding handgun like the fmg9 but with a pistol, full auto arrow launcher i saw it on mythbusters
MegaMetal8 (author)  KnexFreak3606 years ago
Woah,Woah, Woah!

Don't get too ambitious
The rest of the car for
Yes, it would take an unholy amount of pieces, but you would be one of the k'nex GODS.
Ah.. Those were the days.
MegaMetal8 (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
That would be great!

Give sm39 a shout