Sonar system for monitoring a sludge blanket.

I am wanting to build a sonar system that is able to tell me what level the sludge blanket is at in a tank.

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NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Ultrasonic level/distance transmitters work well in an open-top tank. Can work well in a closed tank, but may take some tweaking. Google should find you some schematics.
.  Remember that most U/S level xmitters have a minimum distance of about ten feet from transducer.
10 feet ? Really ? How come ?
.  Gives the transducer time to stop vibrating before trying to receive an echo. SpeedOfSound x ringingTime = minimumMeasurableDistance. IIRC, it's often called "blanking."
Ah yes.
framistan7 years ago
Dont know if this will help you... but there are some pumps that use a kind of computer controlled monitoring of water/sludge levels. The brand is "blue-Angel" pumps. They are made in USA, and maybe you could buy it rather than try to invent it. Try going to they have a technical questions section. Go to to buy one. some of the ones made by blue angel have advanced monitoring switches... some have standard float switches.