Space Elevator or Lateral Coil Gun?

What would be a batter way to get off the earth, Space elevator or lateral coil gun?

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nfarrow (author) 8 years ago
Re-design8 years ago
Has to be space elevator. The coil gun would kill you instantly with the acceleration.
Not necessarily. If you accept an acceleration of say 3g, which is bearable, you could be at escape velocity in 6.2 minutes, after travelling 2000 km! The practical sustainable human g limit reference is about 4.5g, so then the ramp is only 1300 km long...... I've just seen references to John Stapp's work in High-g experiments - and he discovered that humans can sustain 17g (!!!) "eyeballs in" - or pushed into your seat.....for at least several minutes... 17g : 65 seconds to escape velocity :368km of track. 1 tonne: 964 MEGA watts....ignoring air friction. Or more than half the entire output of a conventional powerstation of a minute Sheesh, what are we waiting for ?
Well now that you put it like that, just hook a couple of Ipods to it for power and lets go. And I'm not going to take 17g's for over a minute. That would not be fun even if survivable.
Pah. its only just over a minute, and Stapp survived 47g !!! (23 seconds, 133km) Where's your sense of adventure.....apart from somewhere in your socks.