Spare Keys. I have many useless (spare) keys what artwork can I produce? Or what way can I recycle them?

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godofal7 years ago
polish em, and then attach them all together (like the "skin" of a fish (dunno in english :D ))

that will make a pretty disco effect if u shine some light on it :D
cool suggestion, btw u meant "Scale" i believe
 You could make key bottle openers out of the first two and then drink to forget the rest.
Great idea. I got halfway through making the first one and realised that the caps screw off the beer bottles, and that was the end of that. :: P
caarntedd7 years ago
I have alot of old keys, and have on occassion used them to make duplicates. Just find one similar to the key you are using, a few strokes with a file, and you you have a spare key.

Steampunk sounds like a cooler option to me though.
These are all great answers (love FriendofHumanity's answer btw), but I'm surprised no one has said Steampunk jewelry yet? Maybe that's just how I think...

Try looking here for some inspirations:
onrust7 years ago
Just about all keys are brass, aluminum, or iron.   Of course that recycles. 
I happen to collect old and do not duplicate keys.
I have seen some interesting wind chimes.  Here is a you tube link to get an idea.