Spoon marks on ceramic mugs.?

Ok I will admit I haven’t really looked around the web too hard to find a solution for this but then why go to all that bother when I can give you guys the pleasure of flexing the knowledge muscles.
I like a mug that is a bit of fun, I have Taz ones, Carry on movie ones, huge ones & now I have a saucy captains mug with a long row on rosy round bottoms on it.
I have to use this particular mug at the moment because our new kitten 'ible loves to play on the window sill right alongside where my mug always sits while I am working on the laptop, the wide base of a captains mug is the only one in the house the kitten cannot tip over :-)
The problem is that our stainless steel spoons leave unsightly grey marks on the glaze when the tea is stirred; I have tried removing them with a scourer to no avail & it now really getting on my pip :-(
I know the chances are it is because of the inferior glaze on cheap mass produced ceramics but that doesn’t help me get rid of them.
Any ideas folks?

mole14 years ago
Try making a small pile of baking soda and picking some up on a damp sponge. Use that to scrub the marks. I know I've had the marks, but couldn't find any just now when I looked at mugs and dishes. Baking soda is my #1 scrubber. If that doesn't work, try Barkeeper's Friend.

Is the glaze glossy or matte?
aeray4 years ago
Nostalgic Guy (author)  aeray4 years ago
Both good ideas if I were talking about something that were decorative, I think I would prefer something that is at least suitable for cleaning food preparation surfaces.
Perhaps I should do an 'ible about carving wooden spoons I haven't made one since I was a boy scout :-)
The bathroom cleaner idea makes me wonder if I could use an unflavoured toothpaste or smoker’s toothpowder.
I may give that a try later.
Magic erasers are food-safe.
seandogue4 years ago
a bit of dish soap and a scotchpad will clear that up. could also use cleanser, soda, etc. the scotchpad and plain water will do it, although it will take a bit more effort
mole14 years ago
Just tried it on a plate. Barkeeper's Friend works using the damp sponge method. It takes scrubbing, but it works.
lemonie4 years ago

Your spoons don't sound stainless...?
Try caustic-soda perhaps.

rickharris4 years ago
A fine abrasive bathroom cleaner should do the trick. - use a wooden spoon!