Sports without cable?

Our cable company is terrible. We've tried getting satellite (directv) but there is a big tree in the way and we rent so we can't do anything about that.

You can get good quality versions of all of the actual shows that we watch online somewhere (directly from the network's website, hulu, etc). And watching them that way gives you all of the convenience of having a DVR - watch whenever, rewind, fast forward, pause, etc. Also, our TV has a PC input (which we use frequently). So I was thinking of getting a cheap computer to leave hooked up to the TV and set it up to easily navigate through shows. That way we could get rid of our EXPENSIVE and CRAPPY cable.

The only problem is sports. I couldn't care less about them but I live with my boyfriend, who loves hockey. Hockey is the hardest sport to watch with low resolution (the puck is tiny! I can't find it in HD sometimes). It's also never shown on the local channels (so no option of the cheapy cable or using some kind of antenna). has a subscription you can get to watch online but it won't show you games if it's available on your local cable.

So basically - does anyone know of a good place online to watch live (preferably free and good quality) sports? Hockey is the most important but also football/baseball/basketball. Any help would be appreciated!

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ThomasG21010 months ago

Here I like to watch sports for free in high quality video

pucksurfer3 years ago

A site called hockey streams ( provides all hockey games from the NHL and more hockey leagues live and archived for I think about $100 a year or something. its over the internet so you would need chrome cast of a HDMI connection to your laptop or something but it works great for me

lemonie7 years ago

I gave up watching TV altogether, try that for a week...

For tv we dumped the paid services and went to over the air tv.∂=sports&discipline=icehockey

From there you click on the "NHL games live today" where it will take you to a list of streams for each game for the day. This is all free, and probably illegal.

I follow the Anaheim Ducks (Orange County), but go to school in Los Angeles County, so very few of the games are on television. This is a good way for me to catch a game that I would normally miss.

The quality isn't great, but it's a good way to follow a sports team. The website also has different sports that you can navigate to up top, but I've never watched anything other than Hockey.
Burf7 years ago
I know that offers NHL live on line but you have to subscribe ESPN. There may be an additional fee to watch hockey but, I'm not a hockey fan and have never looked into it.