Stain glass windows. How do I repair crackes in an old stain glass window?

Stain glass window. I have an old stain glass window that I will be putting in an interior wall of my new home. I need to repair the frame and fix a feew small crackes in the glass. Thanks for any help. Pat

EC9478 years ago
Installing the stained glass panel in an interior wall of your new home will add wonderful color and life to your environment. Well done, proper, repairs seem a must to me. I don't think you will ever be happy with a panel that is just "patched" up. Please take the panel to a stained glass studio and get an estimate for repairs or at least an idea of what you should do. Spending the money now to create a "restored" piece of art will be worth the effort and expense for the added value to your home. It certainly will be less expensive to have work done now than it will be if you install a "patched" panel and decide later to have it removed and repaired. If you would like to attempt the repairs yourself and feel confident in your ability remove the broken glass, replace, and re-solder, at least take the time to research the process thoroughly and practice, practice, practice, before working on the actual panel. If you would like to know of someone you could email a picture of the panel for an idea of whether the repairs are something a novice could handle let me know.
If you take it to a stained glass shop, they will do a full repair. If you want to do it cheaply on your own, I would stay away from a full repair unless you want to invest a lot in some stained glass tools and learn a lot about glass art. If you DO want to learn a lot about glass art and make the investment, message me for further instructions. If NOT, I would recommend following the other suggestions made so far. Another quick fix that I have used in the past when in a pinch is to use clear contact paper and place it over the cracked piece. If the piece is cracked so badly that it is actually missing pieces, it probably does need a full repair (replacement). Another option would be to use copper foil to create an overlay, then apply solder to make it look like a seam was added to the piece.
If the cracks are in the frame around each piece, then you can take a soldering iron and fix them. If they are in the glass, it depends on how big they are. If minor, I think you can just leave them.
NikonDork8 years ago
I know the metal frame that surrounds the pieces in old stain glass windows is lead, You could possible use a soldering iron and some solder to tighten any loose seams/joints. As for the broken glass, you might try some CA glue(super glue), or some clear two part epoxy.