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I am making a Steampunk style costume for halloween/general cosplay, and i found this design which is perfect for what i want but is too expensive for me to buy, can anybody figure out a pattern that i can use for it?


Thank you so much

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Go to Joann's (or any other sewing shop) and look through their pattern books.  Simplicity might be your best bet.  I don't think you'll be able to find one that exactly matches those garments, but you should be able to find something very similar. They have Victorian garment patterns and the coat looks like a toned-down pirate costume coat if there isn't a good coat in the Victorian costuming section.

However, both would be quite difficult to sew because of the sleeves, darts, buttons, ruffles, etc.  If you aren't really experienced, you might do better buying used items and editing them such as buying a trench coat and editing the front and bottom. 

The fabric and notions would also be quite expensive unless you get cheap fabrics or find a really awesome deal, so buying new might actually be cheaper than making it yourself.  A good reason to make it yourself is if you can't find what you want or if what you want is couture and ridiculously expensive.  Anyway, this is something you can price out when you find a pattern that fits within the aesthetic you want. 

Definitely check within the costume section of pattern books.  You'll have to envision the sample image in the fabrics and colors that you want, and you'll have to remember that you can always remove embellishment you don't like/need.  All you want is the basic construction to match.
ExPiriM3NTAL (author)  AngryRedhead7 years ago
You're not the first person to suggest this. But I guess I just needed a bit of a second opinion before I started it. I'll probably find a pattern that looks similar and alter it. I have looked for patterns, just not extensively just yet. Thanks for your suggestion. :)
So best answer for confirmation?
As AngryRedHead says, and I'll add a nice link for historical patterns
ExPiriM3NTAL (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
:) Thanks for the link.