Stefan Making Help?

I want to make stefan darts for my nerf gun but I need help on a few things first.

1. Where should I buy Foam Backing Rod (FBR)?
2. What thickness FBR should I buy?
3. About how many stefans can you make out of 1 foot of FBR?
4. What type(s) of stefans fit in clips?

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ets seee...
1. Home Depot, Lowes, Ace
2.bout half inch i believe? say roughly 6 ish
4.if you only put some superglue and a weight in the front that should fit...

hope im helpful

i am not too sure of prices as i have not made any my self (My Schools Humans Vs Zombies does not allow it) so i am basing it off of making instructions i have found online...
I think you mean hot glue not super glue for step 4.
oh yeah that will work too (as i said im just basing it on common sense and other mods)
billybenj7 years ago
Most hardware stores sell it, it should be in the plumbing section i beleive.. yeah, 1/2 in. is the main type i beleive, i think 5/8 in. is a less common thickness for mega darts, bring your nerf gun along if you want to see what fits it. It depends how big you want them, most people do 1- 2 inches. i'm pretty sure you have to do something to the clips to get it to work with stefans, i'm not really sure what though.
well a standard clip will work, dunno bout the drum (why bring the blaster when you can just bring a dart or the clip?
are you sure? Most people have mod their clips to accept stefans, i could be wrong though, and when i was talkling about bringing the blaster i meant for ones that don't have clips like a pistol or something, and i guess bringing a dart would work too.
well theoretically it will fit in the clip without modding the clip...
I'm not sure what the link is for, but yeah, the stefans will fit in the clip, i'm not sure if they work with the gun when you put the clip in though.
the link is just a how to i found
oh ok, it just kind of confused me that you replied it to my comment.