Stepdown from 19V to 12V using 3 IC for reduce the heat output?

Hey guys, 
I want stepdown my charger laptop from 19V to 12V but I read from they said IC produce excessive heat if I connect it directly,
Then does by doing 3 stages of reduction, can reduce the heat output of the IC?

For example I use 7818 > 7815 > 7812 for 3 stages of reduction.

iceng8 months ago

Sorry to inform you, unless you use a down-verter, the full current going to the load will have to flow through every stage..

The power aggregate is still a ( 7Vdrop x Current ) and dissipates the same thermal waste energy, no matter how many stages are used to spread out the heat..

seandogue iceng8 months ago

+1 a linear regulator works by dissipating the (excess voltage @current) = (VxI) power => heat.