Stopping a helicopter from spinning uncontrollably

My little brother just got a model helicopter for his birthday, and it works all right, except it only gets to about 2 metres up, because it spins around uncontrollably when it flies. How do you stop this from happening? We've tried adjusting the trim, but that doesn't seem to do anything.

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rickharris7 years ago
Read the instructions that came with it.
St Jimmy (author)  rickharris7 years ago
It just says to adjust the trim, but that doesn't fix it
frollard7 years ago
It needs more oomph on the tail rotor - if the trim isn't enough, then something is very out of whack. What model, and how adjustable is it?
.  +1
.  Or maybe a little less oomph, but something's definitely wrong with the tail rotor trim.
Just go to Radio Shack and pick up am inexpensive oommeter. That will allow precise measurements of the rotor's oomphlitude.
When I get famous, I'm naming a constant or a unit of measure the oom.
I think the South Africans beat you to it.
I think you mean an "oomphmeter." An "oommeter" (also spelled "ommmeter" in the U.K.) is used to measure the intensity of meditation. You can also set it to integration mode and estimate your level of enlightenment.
I thought that was spelled "ooommmmeter", but I think you may be right. Silly hippies.
.  Harumph! Last time I tried that, I had an ohmmeter in the sack when I got home. RS just ain't what it used to be. :(
I see your problem.

An ohmmeter should not be in the sack.

A girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/partner should be in the sack with you.
never considered that. Good call :D Depends which way it's spinning out of control.