Stream or download Spotify music on mobile phone?

Kind of a noob when it come sot this sort of things I suppose. I was just thinking it would be so cool if I could listen to spotify music on my BB phone when I am going out to run errands and stuff.

So do you guys have any idea if I can download and stream Spotify music tracks on my cell phone?

Appreciate the help of course.

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Sunny_mary11 months ago

There is no other way but downloading your Spotify songs to MP3 or other plain audio format.

How to? 5 Ways to Convert Spotify Songs to MP3 for tech noob

In this way, you could transfer the songs to your BB phone easily for enjoyment.

Joniwe1 year ago

You can use Streaming Audio Recorder to record online streaming Spotify songs, and then you can convert convert Spotify to MP3.

After that, you can transfer the MP3 files(which is recorded from Spotify) to your mobile devices with no limitation.

This is exactly what I do when I want to listen to Spotify music offline. And I also use this Streaming Audio Recorder to burn Spotify to CD so that I can listen to the music on my car.

mfasanya4 years ago
go here to quickly convert spotify to mp3
mackbuck6 years ago
Let me just save you a lot of trouble lurking on the internets for all sorta stuff to make this happen for you.

In a couple of words: sound recorder.

Some sound recorder, as already mentioned by the guys round here, should work pretty good to capture and record Spotify streaming songs for you plus it does not mess with the actual streams in any way and merely records Spotify streams from your sound card.

With a good piece of software,  you can actually get some pretty decent recorded tracks. You can try to use for example some Audials Tunebite program for the job, works pretty good for me for all sorts of audio video capture and conversion stuff.

Anyways, among other things, can also be used to record  and convert Spotify music to mp3 songs and save them to your hard disk. It's pretty fast and reliable so I say it's worth checking out.

Just don't overdo it and of course don't forget that you should only do this for personal use, don't share anywhere  the music you get and blabla bla, you know the rest I suppose.
abbie816 years ago
Why don't you just use a sound card recorder or some similar program and be done with it?

And when I mean sound recorder don't even think about the windows built in sound recorder, that one doesn't even work to record a lousy youtube song anymore, let alone record Spotify streaming.

But there are lots of real sound recorder programs that might just work pretty good to capture and record Spotify streaming music for you so you can transfer and listen to their music on any devices you choose.

Think this is your best bet, to record streaming music from Spotify that is, to actually be able to get Spotify music to your phone or whatever devices you have.

Just don't overdo it, they might not like it that much.
luckyjamie6 years ago
Well if you want it that bad to get Spotify streaming music onto that blackberry of yours, think there were some time ago some apps there worked to download Spotify streaming tracks or something like that.

Now I don't really remember how those apps were able to download streaming music tracks from Spotify subscription or save Spotify streams, since I am not that much into listening to Spotify music, but guess the best way to find out if it's still possible to download Spotify streaming is do a couple of searches on google on this matter.

Sorry I can't help you more than this.
arandy (author)  luckyjamie6 years ago
Idk, I haven't actually given this that much though for the moment.

I just wanted to find out if I could use Spotify on my phone to listen to music outside the house.

Didn't know you could actually find some software that downloads Spotify streaming music or anything like that, kinda new to the Spotify music streaming thing anyways.
Well, it's streaming music but that does not mean that there's no way to download or capture Spotify streaming music or other kind of audio streaming from other sources, for that matter.

As I said not 100% sure whether you can also download or save streaming music from Spotify subscription or not, since I don't use it that much to be worth for me looking into this much deeper, but I bet a simple search round the web would answer the question for you.

You're actually right I guess.

Check out this search on how to download save Spotify streaming music for example:

There are some solutions round there on how to download or capture Spotify streaming music to your hard disk or whatever, suppose it's a good place to start if you really need it that bad to save Spotify streaming for the mobile phone you have.

Btw, sorry for not making a proper hyperlink , was too lazy to switch to the rich editor.:D

ireneev6 years ago
You mean you wanna download the Spotify streaming app for the BB , as in for the BlackBerry cell phone?

Hmm, well in that case is not that easy to download or stream Spotify music streaming for your cell. I mean Spotify streaming only works on compatible devices and the BBs are surely not on that list.

Think you can find the complete list for Spotify streaming devices somewhere round their website.

So even if you've got the Spotify premium subscription you can't get and download Spotify streaming music or playlists for listening in the offline mode or anything like that. Tough luck I guess.
arandy (author)  ireneev6 years ago
Umm yes, I mean that's the one I have at the moment, a blackberry phone.

Are you sure that I can't stream or download spotify streaming tracks on it? Cause that kinda sucks.
carlsmart6 years ago
Well yeah, suppose you can download and stream Spotify music on you cellphone as well, as Jayefuu said.

I've only got the free Spotify version for the moment, but if you've got the premium version than you can also download and use Spotify music streaming on your mobile.

This one also comes with offline mode that lets you listen to Spotify streaming music offline, that one should be helpful for you if you wanna listen to Spotify music on the go.
arandy (author)  carlsmart6 years ago
Yeah, thanks I guess that offline mode is what I needed, though I just wanna make totally sure I can use the offline mode to download Spotify tracks and transfer them to my phone.

That's the main reason I need it, otherwise I can just go listen to music on youtube or something like that.
Jayefuu6 years ago
Yes you can, but only with the paid version. I have it, it's really good, though I'd not stream to my phone unless on wifi. You can save offline though so that's okay.
arandy (author)  Jayefuu6 years ago
Well, I suppose it's well worth it if it also lets you download or save Spotify tracks to cell phone for offline listening or anything like that.
rickharris6 years ago
1. you need the pay version or you only get 5 runs at each track
2. The free version has a monthly limit of 10 hours listening
3. Spotify will be the best place to ask.