Stuck analog stick?

Whenever I try to play with one of my original XBOX controllers, the left analog stick seems to be stuck in a down position. Physically, it's fine, but ingame my character is always moving backwards. I've tried multiple games and xboxes, but i can't get it to work. Any help?

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seandogue6 years ago
Sounds like there might be mechanical damage to the pot that you can't feel from the joystick, because the joystick is not itself damaged...

However, the joystick has a linkage that controls the pot deflection inside the controller. If that linkage is severed or otherwise disconnected, the pot will remain in whatever position it was in when the failure occurred.
LiquidLightning (author)  seandogue6 years ago
Is it underneath the actual joystick component thing? I've dissasambled the controller and nothing seems to be broken inside.
It would not necessarily be "broken". The linkage could have simply become disconnected.

If you can't find any evidence of a disconnection, either something "popping off" or literally "broken", then I would check to see if any wires have come loose. This is another possibility...

Oh, wait...There are a couple of other possibilities.

1. Check for loose wire on the affected potentiometer. Check the qwiign to ensure that nothing is out of place there.

2. Does you button pad also control movement of the character? That is, does "arrow up" make the character move forward and "arrow down" move him backwards? If so, while the controller is still open, check for material or liquid, etc that might be shorting the arrow down electrical connection.

3. Failing all that, re-assemble the controller and check your game controller settings to ensure that you haven't just reversed the settings accidentally.
LiquidLightning (author)  seandogue6 years ago
No loose wires, the button pad is completely normal, and other controllers work just fine, so those three can't be it. It's probably something deep inside the pot.
maybe the pot is dead then. they do eventually fail.

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t least there's an instructable on replacing the unit, and I guess they're pretty inexpensive.
LiquidLightning (author)  seandogue6 years ago
Oh well, it'd probably be cheaper to replace the whole controller. Thanks anyway.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Have you tried a different controller?
LiquidLightning (author)  Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Yeah I have. Other ones work just fine.
I subscribed!