Subaru legacy outback 1997 no compression? EJ25 DOHC Rebuilt heads/piston rings/gaskets/seals/timing

I toasted my Subaru about a year ago and just now am able to work on it. Had the heads rebuilt, piston rings,gaskets and seals...I do a compression check and zero on all 4.
What else could it be? The lifters? I'm really at a loss and trying to fix it.
Been contemplating getting an actual mechanic to come out and look it over, but I would rather try everything I can first. Anything at all to point me in a new direction would be awesome.

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rickharris6 months ago

A valve is open/stuck.

The piston is passing pressure - perhaps the rings weren't assembled correctly.

The head gasket is leaking but that would be a very serious leak to get zero compression. I would go for a valve first.

Compression has fairly limited options.

Gtx864 (author) 6 months ago

we figured it out last night. All 8 of the intake valves are are seating properly. Literally all 8 are staying open just a hair. They can be closed by thumb, obviously not while assembled. Managed to close a set of them and was able to start getting compression. I think we have it handled at this point. Thank you both for your responses. You guys (gender non specific)are life savers! :)

rickharris Gtx8646 months ago

Thanks :-)

steveastrouk6 months ago

You haven't set the timing correctly.

Downunder35m6 months ago

No compression at all after a rebuild usually means the timing is off.
Keep in mind the cylinder in question goes ot OT twice in a 4 stroke engine ;)