Some how I was subscribed to sakurai, when I don't recall subscribing!

Any ideas?

And is this meant to be in bugs? I wasn't sure.

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The most likely answer is that you were looking at something that sakurai posted and you accidentally clicked on one of the several subscribe buttons on the page (on this page, there are 2 relatively close together). The most probable scenario is that you moved your cursor near the author section to click on a related link and hit that button by accident. If you were quick about going somewhere else from the original page, you may not have seen that you subscribed.

kcls7 years ago
Maybe you were sleepwalking! You got up from bed, went over to your computer, and subscribed to sakurai without even realizing it! Then, today, when you woke up, you were suddenly subscribed!
blkhawk kcls7 years ago
Good attempt to explain it but, people do not perform complex tasks while sleepwalking. People eat, walk of course and poop/pee while sleepwalking, simple and normal bodily functions. Someone once tried to justify a homicide alleging that he was a sleepwalker but this did not hold in court.
Unless they're taking Ambien, in which case all bets are off. There have been instances of sleepdriving, according to my doctor. That's why I didn't take it, even when it was prescribed for me.
Kryptonite (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
I hate the stories of people falling off steps / balconies / cliffs.
Scary stuff.
lol, I find some of those sleep walking stories kind of funny, not that that really relates to anything. apparently one of my friends woke up in a washing machine once O.o
Kryptonite (author)  Klumpert7 years ago
That would have been hard to explain...
My brother once got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked into the next room, dropped trou, peed directly into a space heater, then got back into bed, all without ever waking up. Luckily he didn't achieve a laminar stream so he wasn't electrocuted. Make quite the stink, though. And we had to get a new space heater.
Or stilnox.
kelseymh7 years ago
"And is this meant to be in bugs?"

The Questions/Answers are classified the same way I'bles are, not as forum topics.  It isn't possible to post a Question to Bugs.

In this case, you could have created a bug report, but I think it's more likely "operator headspace," as Quercus described.
Kryptonite (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Sorry, slight confusion in my wording there.

I meant: put it as a forum topic in bugs instead of a question.
Krypto and sakurai sittin' in a tree,
Kryptonite (author)  caarntedd7 years ago
Enough with the songs! Eugh! It's like grade two all over again! D:

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Keyboard/Chair Interface has performed an unanticipated operation.

XOIIO7 years ago
You took the time to link to his profile. Are you sure this isn't a way for you to bring him some publicity? Dang scammers.
acidbass7 years ago
 you could of accidentally clicked it but you can unsubscribe so its not a big deal