What is the substitute of irf630? Explain the substitute with reasoning.Explain why it matches with irf630.

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The real question here is why do you need a substitute? the IRF630 are still available in plentiful supply.

But to answer the question, the NTE2388 is a good substitute. As for the reasoning, compare the datasheets:

NTE2388 Datasheet -

IRF630 Datasheet -

Yes, and see if it has the same or better voltage also the same or better current...

Then s the gain about the same and the on off speed also about the same.

Finally is the intended use an amplifier with linear gain steps or a switch where the gain can much less orderly...

Now go compare the data sheets !!!

rickharris9 months ago

Use google to locate a substitute, find a data sheet for the sub and the IRF630 and compare their characteristics.

Write it up.

Downunder35m9 months ago

Kids are even too lazy to think of anything else but copy and paste jobs....
Keep in mind most people here are actually old and experienced enough to spot a homework question right away ;)

rickharris9 months ago

Whoo Smacks of Homework!!

Google is the easy answer.