Suggestions for a cheap source of solenoids for a music project?

I'm looking for some 'normally in' the would perform a striking action when voltage (pref. low) is applied.  I'm not above scavenging, ordering online, or building my own.  It just has to strike a xylophone and retract, so not a lot of force is required.

Any suggestions?

I think I saw some at Electronic Goldmine, but I don't know if they ship locations outside of the Former US.

9VDC Miniature Pin Solenoid = 0.99USD/

Powerful 12VDC to 24VDC Spring Return Solenoid = 1.49USD/

I remember seeing Jameco pushing such a project,
So naturally the solenoids they're selling are more expensive.

I was trying to think what old hardware these could be pulled out of, but I dunno. 

Some links to other partsmongers:
rickharris6 years ago
Use a cheap toy electric motor with an eccentric cam on it. Much cheaper then solenoid.

You need to arrange it to turn once per actuation.
onrust6 years ago
Lawn sprinkler solenoid.