Suggestions for my best friends new daughter's name?

names? something cute?

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skunkbait8 years ago
Elizabeth (lots of possible variations), Skye, Rayne, Sunny, Madison, Guinevere, Juliet, Hannah, Sarah, Virginia, Annie Laura, Grace, Carole Anne, Constance, Prudence, Faith, Allison

Or, you could go with some more traditional and boring ones like:

 Jezebel, Delilah, Scabies, Melanoma, Ida Mae, Gertrude, Banshee, Magdalene, Mattie Belle, Lizzy Borden, Medusa, Antigone, Maud, Edith, Tammy Fay,  Tiamat, Ahurra, or Chloe.
anna rox (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
hahahaha i will try to convince her but i dont think i will be very successful. lol
My favrit unckle had so many kids ,  by so many diffrent wives ,  that along 'bout th' end there he started namin' them after the city they wuz born in !

Th' last group included Ocoee (M)  Retona (F) Kissimee (F)  Dalton (B) and th' youngest he just gave up and called him Boy !

Then there wuz my best freind from childhood ,  Just like everbody else I always called him "Brushy'' !

But when I saw his birth cert and asked him about th' reason fer his real name he told me that when it come time to name him ,  after 17 other brothers and sisters ,  his momma just said  "I guess he's just another Morgan " and that is what got put on paper ,  Justan Other Morgan !!

No wonder he preferred Brushy !! 
Oh, I like Ocoee. (But it sounds more like a girls name.)
Yeah ,  Well we all jest called him "Coy" and "Retona wuz "Tona" ( you get th'  drift)
We were going to give my oldest son the middle name "Melchizedek", but changed our minds at the last minute.  We figured he'd be 13 before he'd be able to spell it.
Doctor; "Mr & Mrs Walcarpiten ,  Are you absolutely certain that you wish to name this little boy Walter ?"
anna rox (author)  gearhead19518 years ago
hahahaha my best friends grandma swears she went to school with triplets called :  Ben Down, Kneel Down and Ida Down! lol
I remember a kid named Justin Sain.
i wuz told that a few months before I wus whelped ( I wuz 1st born ) My mother asked hers about a good name fer me .  My grannys advice wuz " Go to th' back porch and holler it about 20 times or so ,  If it still sounds like good'un ,  Go with it " !!   

My name is Bob  ( as a child ,  Bobby )
(@Skunkbait) LOL! Chloe Scabies! Go with Chloe Scabies!!!
anna rox (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
i dont think shes gona want to name her child after a disease! lol
Why'd you give skunkbait the best answer trophy then??
anna rox (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
coz its funny! lol
ash rox8 years ago
I think she should call her Mesmeralda because it's a mysterious name
mr.origami8 years ago
shanaynay or kwanza
orksecurity8 years ago