Suggestions for what to wear with this mask?

I have this mask but I don't have any ideas of what type of costume to wear with it. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hmmmm... a skintight wetsuit, same color... make ur hands and feet bare but also same color.. freaky alien looking guy.
md4v36 years ago
wear corset, skirt and black stockings! that would be totally freaky hahaha
onrust6 years ago
Bathrobe and fuzzy house slippers with a cup of coffee!
frollard6 years ago
I like kiteman's response -- but I'd go with 'another human mask on top of it' so people think you are wearing a cheap crappy costume, then you pull it off and give them the surprise.
Kiteman6 years ago
> Wear a Jedi robe, with the hood well down over your face, so that you can see their faces when you reveal the mask up close.

> Dress absolutely normally, and pretend you aren't wearing a mask.

mikeasaurus6 years ago
whatever you do, wear pants.
iceng6 years ago
Super mask would not want to see you alone.
Webb hands and feet, aka creature from the black lagoon.