Sulphiric(sp?) acid to etch pcbs?

I am just wondering wether it is possible to etch pcbs with sulfiric acid because I heard it can dissolve copper. But i'm wondering if it will just dissolve the copper or if the entire pcb will melt.

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Don't bother, use cupric chloride instead We've switched over to it at work, and its great. Steve
I use it too,  and  No Nasty Acid Smell  or holy spots.
Easy to buy too.     A
There ARE peroxy-sulphuric etches, but they are really for pro-users only, the chemistry can go exo-thermic, and the fumes are nasty.

That said, copper precipitates out of the solution.

lemonie iceng6 years ago
No holy spots?
Is it possible to consecrate PCBs with sulphuric acid?

iceng lemonie6 years ago
Awa Tagu Siam,   Awa Tagu Siam ,  must be chanted all the while
consecration is occuring ..    A
sulfuric acid will not eat through copper metal, only oxides.
if you add peroxide to the acid, it will eat through copper metal.

does that answer your question?
Does anyone find that the sulfuric acid eats through the PCB material also?