Switch with led inside?

Hi, I want to add this switch to my circuit. I currently have a switch with no led light inside.
If I add this to my circuit, will I need resistors for my switch? and will I need to redo all the resistors for my circuit?
I currently have 4 LEDs with 680ohms resistors on the circuit. 

Picture of Switch with led inside?
iceng5 years ago
I think it is a neon gas lamp inside. 

The resistor for an led capable of running 250 VAC would be using
25,000 ohms @ 2½ watt Way too big for that little rocker switch.

Kiteman5 years ago
These things usually have the necessary protection built in.
RoboRay (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
will it reduce the current/voltage for my leds?
I don't want my Leds to be dimmer.
Kiteman RoboRay5 years ago
Without knowing your whole set-up, I can only say "probably not".