Table saw?

I am going to buy a table saw soon and I was just wondering what I should buy that is under $600 that can be used in a small space or moved outside?

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seandogue12 days ago

Have a look at contractor grade table saws. Although they're not made to the same standard as a shop table saw, they're portable and compact. I've looked at them in various stores and once considered purchasing a Dewault (I picked a shop table saw instead as noted in my other reply)

compact contractors table saw like this one

matthewgal (author)  seandogue11 days ago

The link isn't working, are you taking about is:

Something like that. I saw another one. For some reason the links tool has been acting up.

here's the raw link|THD|B|0|B-BASE-D25T+Power+Tools|&mid=0p1jc3Yk|dc_mtid_8903vry57826_pcrid_74285762149094_pkw__pmt__

iceng12 days ago

I have a radial arm saw and would prefer to get a Chop saw after using a friends chop saw... It so easy to use and readily accurate...

Shopsmith definitely

Have you considered a track saw? I bought one about a year ago and i use it more than the table saw. I got one like this for $250

rickharris14 days ago

Build one.

rickharris14 days ago

You know it would be so good to tell us where in th world you are.

seandogue14 days ago

I bought a Rigid floor mount (not portable) table saw a few years back for a bit less..

this one

Looks like it's now ~$600 at home depot. You might be able to do better with a used saw...idk. I've been pleased overall with its performance but wish I had a 220VAC feed so it had just a little more torque for ripping thicker boards (gotta go slow)

What do your grandfathers suggest? As woodworkers, I'd defer to them in a heartbeat.