Taking a functional prototype to the next level?

I have built many one-off products for friends and myself over the years. I have always wanted to create full time, and have taken steps over the past 10 years to "Learn from doing".

I am not an Entrepreneur, but I can visualize and create with existing products in my environment. Should I try some one off products at a Flea market type environment or is there a forum that working models can be demonstrated to explore viability in the market place?

I usually get reactions like" You should be an engineer" or "That is really a unique light" from friends.

I feel I am not even coming close to using my full creative potential thus far.

I created a serving device this week after a casual conversation with a friend.Total time spent on this was less than 8 man hours. He was over this past Friday and I showed the device much to his surprise.

I could see this item being in a "dollar store" or a higher end version in a "Home sense" or "Winners".

We are always looking for a cost effective gift that is functional, and I feel this could be a great product.

Where do I go from here?

Bob D