Temperature Controlled Desk Fan by Arduino?

Good day, I saw project here about temperature controlled fan using arduino by Jacomax97.  I just finished building it, and I'm wondering if I want to use a standard desk fan instead of a 12v fan, what value of capacitors, transistors, and resistors should I use? Thanks in advance :)
Here's the schematic of the project by sir Jacomax97: 

Picture of Temperature Controlled Desk Fan by Arduino?
-max-2 months ago

Depends on what type of fan you are using. Is it a small USB powered device or a much larger fan that plugs into the wall? I suspect it's the latter and cannot be easily controlled, as it's going to be of either a shaded pole or capacitor-start induction motor. The speed of operation is controlled by the line frequency and line voltage.

iceng2 months ago

I suspect a desk fan to be a mains AC motor which Cannot Run on the low DC voltage KIT design you just made...

iceng iceng2 months ago

You say a 12 volt fan but your circuit shows a Vcc 5 volt supply for that fan...

Care to resolve this incongruity for us ?

steveastrouk2 months ago

Is the fan speed controlled or just switched on and off ?