Tesla's teleforce machine?

okay, it has been forever since i asked a question. SO, i was wondering if some one could explain Tesla's teleforce machine (a.k.a. Tesla's death ray machine). Also i was wondering where i could find the full schematics of Tesla's teleforce machine, all i can find is manly 2 pictures and a whole lot missing.

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its2mc4 years ago
Hey.. why dont we try to design our own teleforce machine..
iceng its2mc4 years ago
That would be Fun,

What is your background ?
What is your specialty ?
What are your skills ?
its2mc iceng4 years ago
check out this vortex ring gun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWcCGlqlwA8
its2mc iceng4 years ago
Well I am an electronic engineering major, still ongoing.
This link shows teslas paper on the teleforce machine and his designs http://www.teslaradio.com/pages/teleforce.htm
What suprised me is that the contrary to what many people think about the Tesla ray gun, the concept is similar to many rail gun designs : Controlled electrostatic repulsion of highly charged particles. Many people talk of scalar waves being used in the machine, but on the contrary it is actually just projecting actual particles at a high speed.
By interfering these streams of projected particles, Tesla stated that through resonance, the charged air molecules would form a plasma that could accumulate to huge amouts of energy. One would not achieve this using only a tesla coil, since a tesla coil conducts an AC current that induces uncontrolled discharge of the air around the coil, We need to charge particles in a controlled environment, therefore the design described on the website or a simple van der graaf Generator can be used. We first charge gas/ small particles, propell them at high speeds through electrostatic repulsion, and then have them interfere to generate a plasma.
iceng4 years ago
Good luck

The gov seized the contents of his safe on the day of his death
from his lodgings.
I guess you answered your own question.
Tobor 2.0 (author)  rickharris4 years ago
i understand what you mean by that.