Testing my ailerons out of the RTF Bixler2, work opposite the stick.

How can I correct my ailerons? It cannot be done with my Transmitter. Push aileron stick right and the right aileron goes down and the left goes up. Push aileron stick left and left aileron goes down and right goes up. My radio is not capabible of making the correction. What can I do to correct this problem?

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AndyGadget4 years ago
Did this come with the transmitter or did you have that already? Model of Tx / Rx?
If it's come with Tx as RTF and is under warranty then it looks like you have cause for complaint.

I suggest you double check the wiring to your Rx and make absolutely sure there's no trick way of reversing the aileron channel on your Tx or Rx - Download the manuals.

If there's no warranty to worry about, then the options (in order of difficulty) are to :-
A) Put a servo reverser in the aileron line.
B) Reverse the pot connections in the Tx (assuming you use it only for this plane).
C) Reverse the motor wires in the aileron servos themselves.
D) Invert the aileron servos (means disconnecting linkages / cutting foam)

Strange - It appears to be a common fault on these, so why are they selling it as RTF when it obviously isn't!!  I haven't found a definitive solution, but the favourite seems to be using a servo reverser as I suggested.  
A servo reverser looks like THIS, plugs in to the servo lead.  
(The comments on that page mention the Bixler too!)
This may not be a flaw some real planes are controlled backwards.

That being said the builder might have wanted the right aileron to go down and the left up when you push right and the opposite when you push left.

Not in any I've come across - I'd be interested in examples.
Aircraft stick controls, whether model or full-size, will always be stick left . . . LHS aileron up / RHS aileron down . . . bank left.
It's easy enough to reverse with any half-decent Tx, but anyone with any degree of flying muscle memory would have great difficulty in handling reversed ailerons.
I missed they reconfigure the flight controls for supersonic flight.
All Supersonic aerodynamics work backwards at speeds faster than mark 1.

When you pitch forward the plane goes up not down.

When the same plane is at less than mark 1 it does the reverse pitch forward and the plane goes down and so on.



I know this builder may have been thinking controller right, right aileron down, and controller left, left aileron down which is backwards of normal flight controls but it is normal for supersonic.

Stew34five (author) 4 years ago
Andygadget. The entire kit cam out of the box with the ailerons reversed. No one at the field could fix it.The only option they gave me was to reverse them on my PC, or upgrade my transmitter to on with expo. How do I change this on my PC? Also how do I download the users manuals. Thanks Andygadget

You got the ready to go.

Switch the buttons in the transmitter or switch the push rods on the servo.

The planes open up for up grades and repairs the remotes are just assembled that way.

On the ailerons servo arm switch the push rods.