That one weird half laptop thing?

what was that weird thing that looked like half a laptop with parts of it chopped off, it had a full qwerty keyboard and whatnot, like this
I have no idea what this thing was called, although I'm interested in them

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Crakur (author) 7 years ago
actually nevermind, i just found out that this product never existed, it was a concept by leveano (?) that never came to fruition
acidbass Crakur7 years ago
 well i guess you have your own best answer eh?
I'm guessing you're referring to Lenovo, the folks whom IBM sold the Thinkpad product line to.
Crakur (author) 7 years ago
found a picture of it, anyone have any other ideas?
orksecurity7 years ago
I'm guessing some form of palmtop and/or organizer, but without knowing context, can't help.
lemonie7 years ago
What else do you know about it?
Some kind of big Blackberry?