The Best K'nex Guns

This is an update to my previous question. I have found what I think is a good gun for all the types of guns. Ths is for my Knex War I'm having. I can't find a good rating real bolt action gun. Could someone please find one for me? Also, if there are any types of guns I'm missing, please tell me. Also, check out the guns that have the link and tell me which guns are not good or if there is a better gun for that type than the gun I chose.

shotgun: Break Action Shotgun
pistol: Oblivitus' Beast Pistol
rifle: The Bolt
machine gun: Machine Gun
slingshot: Arrow Slingshot
crossbow: Reaper Crossbow
sidearm: Sidearm RSN-33
assault: Assault Rifle
semi-auto: Truly Semi-Automatic Gun
pump action: Pump Action Rifle
lever action: Lever Action Rifle
bolt action: AR-4 Commando v3
turret gun: TR18
cannon: Heavy Cannon
bazooka: A.D.U Bazooka
pocket gun: Pocket Gun

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Mr. Muggle7 years ago
Danielzxzx1 (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
Mr. Muggle, the lever action is not a true lever action. It is one that looks like one but it does not use the lever.
oh, your right, how about this one then:
Danielzxzx1 (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
I think this lever action will do. Not sure if it is true but I think it is. Are you sure it is true? Also, I have built the TR18 and I had trouble with it so is there a different turret gun?
well, it's a true lever action (see the video) the only difference with a real one is that you have to cock back.

You could build knexsayer instead (on but I think I can help you with your problem on the TR18
Danielzxzx1 (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
Ok, you can help me. The problem is that the motor is not strong enough to fire gun. I used the same motor as the one in the instructbles. It said to put when loading to put in the blocking thing half way and I did that. It can fire one if I get it behind the gray fireing rod and have it go all the way around but I can't get it to fire all of them. That is the problem. And the lever action is great. I'll add it to the list.
HAHA, the TR18 doesn't really have a motor, you must have built the wrong gun! lol, are you sure you have built this gun:
Danielzxzx1 (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
Oh, yeah, I built the wrong gun. The gun I thought you were talking about was really this gun: I thought that gun was the TR18. Ok, I'll add the real TR18 to my list.

Also, I found out the bolt action gun I had in my list was not a real bolt action so I removed it. Can you find a real bolt action gun?
Danielzxzx1 (author)  Danielzxzx17 years ago
Ok, I'll find a bolt action myself. The question is now finished.
moxx6 years ago
you should see my mini-pistol, its a great pocket gun.
Quazifuji7 years ago
should i post my new hand held shotgun? it fires 6 at a time, has three shots, has no rod pushing the amo, and is pretty powerful.
YES !!!
Sharir17017 years ago
hey dude... really nice review, though i actually looked at it to see if you put a sniper rifle. i really need 1 and i'm having some trouble finding a good one. please help me out. thanks anyways
DJ Radio7 years ago
Ugh, there is no "Best gun" out there.  It all depends on preference and how you use your gun.  Different guns are suited to different people.

As for a bolt action, I have posted one nearly a year ago, the AR-4 v3.  It is a true bolt action in that it has the mag separate from the actual barrel, which increases power.