The Best Mid-Sized K'nex Assault Weapon?

I'm looking for a mag-fed mid-sized k'nex assault weapon and I can't decide on one, so please suggest some k'nex gun like that.

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Hiyadudez7 years ago
DJ Radio7 years ago
There is no "Best gun ever" as everyone else says, the best gun for you is a gun that you feel comfortable using.  If the ZKAR's bolt pin tickles your fancy, use that, if you like BAW's removable mags, use that, or just make something that fits YOU entirely.
TheDunkis7 years ago
The ZKAR, as mentioned below, is pretty cool as far as function goes but lacks a posted removable mag.
My BAW is a nice mix of fun and actual use.
My UMP is pretty fun I guess though don't build it if you want a lot of range. Uses small ammo too.
The Z35 A little overrated and a bit ugly in my opinion but nevertheless, one of the most popular K'nex weapons.

Meh that's a good start. I could probably find more but those are the first weapons I think about when I hear "assault" and "magazine"
I agree on the BAW....
FlutterTree (author) 7 years ago
Why, thank you, Hiyadudez!